This is so amazing! I think it is very educational and touches on all of the important topics that young diabetics need to focus on. Starting out with this just to get the basics under their belt would be perfect. I think anyone with diabetes could relate to this but it would do a very good job making a young person feel as if they weren’t alone and all of this is something that can be handled with the right attitude. Such an awesome project!
Andi Bukowski – Diabetic Educator
Schneck Medical Center/Seymour Indiana

“I’m sending this on behalf of our family but mostly for Lisa. You and Bob did such a great job on Levi’s book. It will be hard as the years and decades pass, to show Levi – to help him remember the feelings of love that Lisa has for him. Your book will help us do that. Like I told you – people have asked me if I wrote the story because you got it so right. You and Bob are a rarity. You give of yourself and expect nothing in return. Thank you for giving us a tool to keep Lisa’s memory alive for Levi. I have told everyone – There is no greater love on earth, than the love Lisa has for Levi.”
Cynthia Connelly

“Thanks so much for the incredibly special Super Mommy story for my children. What a beautiful legacy to have for my kiddos! I’m so happy to have this. Thanks so much for making this happen and for your support, too!”
Emily O’Reilly, mother of three and star of “Mom and I are one.”

We are so grateful for our Smile Book. As a family we try so hard to always find and focus on the
positives in our life. You took the beautiful parts of our story and made a book we will cherish forever. Our children feel so special everytime they read their Smile Book. You made them feel like stars. It is so much fun showing our story to our friends and family. We cannot thank you enough for this special gift.
All our Love, The Bramlee Family

I received the books, “Alisa’s Reasons to Smile” awhile ago and wanted to thank you for them.
I really like the book! It is well written and the illustrations bring a smile to my face.
It’s a very special keep-sake of my journey!! Thanks again!
Sincerely, Alisa Joy Weaver