This is the story of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, a nurse and one very inspiring woman. It was an honor to meet Chelsea and help share her life and wishes in this way. Here are a few people who wanted to share some inside information about Chelsea, just in case anyone needs more reasons to love her:

“Chelsea has the most selfless heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She’s always found a way to give her time or donate to her favorite cause. Chelsea is the first person in line for a blood drive and the person who brings cupcakes to work because she just had some extra time. The thing that makes her the most generous is the way she cares for the people she loves. Throughout her illness, she makes sure that her family lives every day as normal as possible. No matter how bad she feels, she is always there to read Keaton and Mara a story or sing ‘Sweet Baby James’ to make them feel like it’s just a normal day. Chelsea loves with her whole heart, and we love her back.“ – Heather Gilroy

“When I joined CrossFit Maximus, I knew Chelsea would love it too so a few months later, she joined. We would frequently be lifting partners and secretly add weight onto the other’s bar to ensure there was no slacking or just because we believed in each other and didn’t want the other to sell themselves short. At one point, we dreamed about selling Paleo meals and baked goods from our food truck business, Bakin’ & Bacon.” – Jill Butler

“Chelsea always makes me feel supported. Whether it’s telling me how cool my cheesy, childhood parties were or how confident and strong my kids seem when they are being defiant, she has a way to make me proud of myself and see the good or at least funny side of things.” – Amanda Amann

“What I love most about Chelsea is her spontaneity. When you’re with her you know that you are going to smile, laugh, and enjoy life. She once rode a child’s bike down a hill just because she knew it would make me giggle. The skinned knee from her crash at the bottom of the hill looked great at Prom the following week!” – Becca Schack Fritch

Thank you for supporting Chelsea and her family.


Sarah Curry Rathel

A mother’s love is always in your heart.