Bob and I started Smile Books Project to give a voice to children facing terrible illnesses. By sharing their stories, we can bring awareness to the rare diseases they face. When we met Kate and her family, we instantly knew how much a book about Kate and Rett syndrome would make a difference for so many. Jim and Jen Magato, Kate’s parents, explain it best:

“We are so excited for people to read this book all about Kate and Rett syndrome! When we heard about the wonderful work Sarah and Bob are doing with the Smile Books Project, we knew Kate’s story had to be told. Yes, Kate has Rett syndrome. Kate is different from you and me. She is different from many of the other people who have Rett syndrome. She is unique. Aren’t we all unique?

We love this platform for celebrating Kate and who she is. Kate is a happy child. She loves to run, swim and jump! She loves people and loves to be included. We hope this book gives others an idea of how to interact with Kate and anyone else who is unique. Of course, we also want to provide awareness for Rett syndrome and for all those that fight daily to overcome the difficulties that Rett syndrome brings. Kate is nonverbal, but she can hear and understand everything. She communicates with her eyes and is always aware of what is going on around her. If you run into Kate, don’t be shy, say hi! She may giggle back or she may give you a high five! Thanks for reading and supporting our girl!” – Jim and Jen Magato

Thank you for supporting Kate, the Rett syndrome community and Smile Books Project!


Sarah Curry Rathel

Everyone needs a friend like Kate.