Grief. It leaves a void that can never be filled. There aren’t enough words to explain it and not enough books that talk about it. That’s what Amy Kappen realized when her daughter, Sophia, died from cancer exactly one year to the day she was diagnosed. Sophia’s older brother, Niko, and twin brother, Finn, were left confused, sad, angry and Finn was waiting for her to come back. He didn’t realize that she wouldn’t be returning to their family.

Their story is unique to them but not to the world of grief. They were surrounded by big feelings, people who didn’t know how to help or what to say, and a world forever changed. How do you move through life with grief? The answer differs for everyone. However, Amy realized that one way to do it was by not doing it alone. She started the Best Day Ever Foundation to connect families experiencing grief and bring them resources, love, hope and joyful moments again.

The powerful story of how Sophia faced each day of the time she had left trying to make it the best day ever soon became a way of life for Amy and her family. There is nothing easy about it, but honoring Sophia in this way helps keep her spirit and legacy alive. We are honored to know this family and to realize that one gap in resources for young children and families experiencing grief is a tool to explain it. We hope this book fills that gap and can be applied in many other situations.

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