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Bob and I could see Bella’s bright personality from the moment we met her. Arriving in her cheer uniform with a big smile, we listened to Bella tell us about her favorite things to do. She even showed us a few cheers! As she shared more about herself, she kept her energy and enthusiasm for meeting with us even as she described what it was like to battle cancer. Bella was diagnosed with a form of leukemia when she was six years old.

When we asked Bella what she would want her book to be about, she explained that she wanted to tell kids not to judge a book by its cover. Now that she doesn’t “look sick” to kids, they don’t understand that the effects of her disease still linger and challenge her daily. From the outside, she may look like a typical kid, but on the inside, she must overcome more than any child her age should. Bella Believes is about realizing that you can’t always see what others are going through from the outside. Instead of judging people, support them instead. This is more than just a book for kids, this is a lesson for all ages.

bella bellieves cover_webWe hope everyone purchasing this book will be inspired by Bella to refrain from judging people and embrace the beauty of being individuals.

Sale will run until February 5, 2018. Please note: Orders will not ship until March 5, 2018. Sales will be donated to Bella after print cost. Smile Books Project does not keep any of the proceeds. Thank you!