Love and sunshine. This is more than a phrase, it’s a signature. In fact, it’s Kelli’s signature and she is very well known for it. These words came up almost every time I received a note about Kelli from her family and friends. Here are a few examples:

Kelli and I have always had nicknames for each other. I am her leprechaun and she is my sunflower. Just like a sunflower, Kelli continues to find the light in every situation. On the outside, she is petite and beautiful, but on the inside, she is impressively strong and fierce. Kelli is a sunflower by standing strong, remaining proud and always living with “love and sunshine.” – Bridgette, Kelli’s sister-in-law

Kelli’s tagline has always been “Love and Sunshine.” This is what represents her. She is so full of love for others and brings sunshine to people’s lives in the form of her smile, her laugh (it’s big!) and her compliments. – Staci, Kelli’s sister

If Kelli weren’t my daughter, I would want her for my friend. She is the bravest, most courageous, full of grace person I have ever known. My hope and prayer is that her “love” and “sunshine” signature follow her through all the days of her life. – Connie, Kelli’s mom

After hearing this so ┬ámany times, we knew that Kelli’s book had to share her signature with anyone reading it. This book is a love story and a reminder that, in times of darkness, let sunshine win.


Sarah Curry Rathel

Love and Sunshine for Kelli.