mother leviLevi may be young, but he has his very own super angel watching over him! His mom, Lisa, brought joy, laughter, kindness and love to the lives of everyone who knew her. When Levi was born, it was the best moment of her life and she loved him more than words can say. Sadly, she passed away suddenly in November of 2015, leaving behind countless family, friends and her precious son.

When Lisa was still alive, she saw a woman named Emily dying of cancer having a story written about her to help her three young children remember her. Lisa called her friend, Danielle, and commented on how amazing that was for someone to offer to do. Little did Lisa know, that same author and illustrator (us) would soon be writing the story of her life.

A few months after that conversation between the two friends, Lisa passed away very suddenly. Shocked and devastated, Danielle, reached out to us, pleading for help. How would Lisa’s little boy ever know how amazing his mother was, she asked. Danielle sent a message to us. Here is what she wrote:

Hello Sarah,

I am reaching out to you because I wanted to see if you can help me. My best friend is laying in ICU from a massive heart attack. I saw your beautiful superhero book you did for Emily. My friend Lisa has a little boy who is four years old who is getting ready to lose his mom. I’m so heartbroken and don’t know what I can do.

While we knew that would be a wonderful tribute Lisa, the difference between what we did for Emily was that Emily was able to tell us about her life and her wishes for her children. We had never met Lisa and wouldn’t have that opportunity. We explained that, since we had never met Lisa, we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to do her justice.

However, we suggested that Danielle gather letters, pictures and comments from Lisa’s close friends and family and send them to us to review. After reading through many stories about her life, we knew that we had to at least try for Levi’s sake.

To help Levi remember that his mom is always with him, we created Levi’s Super Angel. After sharing the book with her family, Lisa’s mother’s eyes filled with tears. She later wrote to us to say that so many people who have read Levi’s Super Angel think that she herself wrote it. Thank you to the many people who shared Lisa’s life and legacy with us in order to make this happen for Levi. All proceeds from the sale of this book were donated to Levi.

Leaving a legacy for Levi.