IMG_7203After sitting down to talk with Timmy and his mom, it was clear that his personality was just as amazing as his life. In order to receive necessary medical treatment involving his airway, Timmy and his family travel to Cincinnati. The best care is far from home, but that doesn’t seem to dampen Timmy’s spirit. He smiled the entire time we met with him. According to his mom, his favorite thing to do is watch the garbage men empty the garbage cans and use their big truck. He also loves dragons. We decided to create a story about a young hero with a pet dragon. Together, they fly around the world, picking up trash to keep animals and our planet out of danger.

To date, this is one of our favorite books we’ve had a chance to write. This book shows the innocence and simplicity of childhood. Something that Timmy doesn’t experience that often in his life. The day we gave Timmy his book, he was (again) all smiles. He found out that we even included his baby sister Ivy in the story and was beyond excited.

That is why we started this project!


Timmy’s big idea