IMG_9562Emily opened her own business as a Therapist because she loved helping people. She got married, had a son and then welcomed twin daughters! Her beauty, intelligence, ambition and spirit could be seen in every aspect of her life. Emily was diagnosed with Cholangio Carcinoma, an incurable cancer of the bile duct. After an 18 month battle through pain, sickness, horrific side effects and many surgeries, Emily was tired and the cancer was taking over. Thanks to the help of a mutual friend, we were able to contact Emily and ask to do a story for her, for her children. Through tears of joy, she agreed. She wrote down her life story, her favorites, her least favorites, her advice and her wishes for her children. Somehow, she managed to fit so much into her message. We knew we wouldn’t have enough time to promise a book for her, so we turned character into a movie poster and put her story on the poster.


Meeting Emily to give her the posters was very difficult. It was hard enough to write her story, and there was a lot of worry on our end that we might let her down or not do her justice. Her initial reaction to her character was all smiles and laughs! Then, she began to read the words. Just two lines in, the tears streamed down her face. She read each word, some silently as she was too choked up to go on out loud. She laughed at the story, made funny comments and nodded her head in agreement until the last word was read. Without even saying a word, we knew that she felt relief that everything she wanted her children to know about her was right there on their new posters.

Emily wrote to us and said, “Thank you so much for the incredibly special Super Mommy poster for my children. What a beautiful legacy to have for my kiddos. you are so talented with your writing and idea of this. Thanks for reaching out to make this happen. I’m so happy to have this!”

Just one day after New Years Day, Emily took her last breaths at home, surrounded by her family. We know that she took over above as her Super Mommy character. Even though we couldn’t change what she was going through, we helped make her smile and know that her hopes and dreams for her children are there for her children as they grow up without their mother.

Emily, thank you for the kind words, believing in us, and being so supportive of this project while we were trying to support you. Please, take a moment to read Emily’s Super Mommy legacy:



Emily’s Super Mommy Legacy